I Choose Not To

 I Choose Not To

   I’m a teacher(part-time now).  I used to walk in the teacher’s lounge every now and then, and there might have been a box of donuts, or a leftover cake from a birthday celebration.  Maybe there was candy that someone had purchased too much of for Halloween.  I was often stressed out, and I would grab one of these treats on the way back to my classroom.  I figured I deserved it.  I was stressed! 

     Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep the night before.  Maybe I had a difficult morning with an active student.  Or maybe I had a conference with an angry parent.  Eating junk food or drinking a sugar-filled soda was my way of rewarding myself or soothing my nerves.  I used the sugary snacks to boost my energy.  

     This wasn’t really working out for me too well.  Now, I was not only stressed, but I had a sugar crash and I had unwanted weight that was making my clothes tight, or worse, they didn’t fit anymore.  

     When I got so miserable with my health, so miserable that I couldn’t take it any longer, I decided to try a gluten free diet.  I was having digestion problems and often would go home and have to lay on the couch because I was bloated and in pain.  I was hoping removing gluten was going to be the answer.  

     It turned out that it did help, tremendously.  So much so, that I had to make a choice.  Eat that donut in the teacher’s lounge and feel miserable and bloated again, or make the choice not to.  I chose not to.  My friends and coworkers could not understand how I could give up gluten.  After all, its in everything!  Cakes, cookies, bread, crackers, tortillas, they all contain gluten.  Just about everything served to teachers for “appreciation” has gluten.  You may be wondering how I can give it up too.  

     I choose not to eat it.  I choose not to feel miserable.  I choose not to have all the inflammation it caused in my body.  I choose not to make my thyroid disease continue to worsen.  I choose not to.  

     I feel so much better.  I never have that miserable bloated feeling anymore.  I’ve found other ways to relieve my stress.  They are much more effective and they don’t come with the extra weight.  I take care of myself using yoga, meditation, reading for personal development and breathing exercises.  

     Is there something you need to choose not to do?  Maybe it’s something you are eating that you shouldn’t, maybe it’s using electronics in bed, maybe adding too much to your calendar.  Try making the decision that you will no longer engage in that bad habit that is compromising your health.  When other’s question you or when your resolve falters, say:

“I choose not to.”


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