Immunity Reboot


I support women who are healing from the traumatic illness of a loved one to reclaim their life and take control of their health without resorting to medications or crazy complicated diets.


Hi!  My name is Lori. My health problems started when I was in middle school.  I had lots of digestive issues that I learned to live with.  I thought that was just how it was in my family.  At 30, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease and given a pill that I would have to take the rest of my life.  Again, I thought, this is how it is in my family because my grandfather and my aunt both had thyroid disease.  When my mother was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease in 2001, I began to wonder if there were some reason that we were having health problems besides heredity.  When my mom was diagnosed with cancer in 2007, she knew it was due to the heavy doses of steroids she was having to take for her autoimmune disease.  As I watched her suffer through terrible chemotherapy treatments, I hoped there was a better way.  I began researching, and I found out that, yes, you can get back to healthy without medications, suffering and horrific side-effects.  I got my certification in Transformational Nutrition and now I help women reclaim their health with real food and natural solutions. 

Have you had a loved one diagnosed with a traumatic illness?

Did you think to yourself "It's time to get my own health on track!"? 

 Maybe your parent had an illness that could be hereditary.  Maybe you live a similar lifestyle to a friend or relative that is ill and are worried about suffering from the same awful symptoms and treatments.  If you are like me, when my mother was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and eventually cancer,  you felt helpless and at the mercy of the doctors.  

     Were you disillusioned when the doctors, whom you used to believe had all the answers, couldn't help your loved one? 

 I used to think doctors were the most educated and therefore knew what was best.  I still believe doctors are highly educated and they are essential to our health care, but I no longer believe that they always know what is best for my body.  In fact, I learned that they only have one short course on nutrition and it's the easy class that they don't pay much attention to.  We have to be knowledgeable and understanding of our own body and what it needs.

My journey to healing took years and many hours of studying.  I want to fast track that learning for you and support you along the way to your best health.  Now I offer my programs to people all over the world  who want to get rid of their unexplained health issues, without resorting to medications or going on crazy diets.

My 10 week Immunity Reboot Program will help you take control of your health without medications and crazy diets.  

Simple steps to reclaim your health after years of neglect.  

Easy changes to reset your immune system.

Daily and weekly tracking sheets along with instructional emails.   

Weekly coaching calls.

A  supportive Facebook community of others following along with you. 

Your questions answered by me in the Facebook group.  

Immunity Reboot Program Outline

  1. Reset

Week 1- Habit Change #1 Drink More Water

Week 2- Habit Change #2 Get More Sleep

  1. Energize

Week 3- Habit Change #3 Get More Exercise

Week 4- Habit Change #4 Eat 5-7 Servings of Vegetables and Fruit A Day

  1. Banish and Observe

Week 5- Habit Change #5 Cut Out Processed Food

Week 6- Habit Change #6 Cut Out Sugar

Week 7- Habit Change #7 Cut Out Gluten (We'll re-introduce later.)

Week 8- Habit Change #8 Cut Out Dairy (We'll re-introduce later.)

  1. Omit Toxic Chemicals

Week 9- Habit Change #9 Reduce Toxic Load

  1. Transform

Week 10- Habit Change #10 Self-Care/Mindset

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Three Package Options

Option 1- Immunity Reboot Program Only - BETA TEST SPECIAL PRICE $197


Option 2- Immunity Reboot Program PLUS Family Essentials Kit to Fast track my results *LIMITED TIME $362.98 (includes taxes and shipping) **US cost only** Contact me for other countries.    
Includes 10 5mL bottles of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and two kinds of beadlets(tiny encapsulated oil drops to go).  


Option 3- Immunity Reboot Program PLUS NATURAL SOLUTIONS KIT to Fast track my results *LIMITED TIME $794.98 (Includes tax and shipping) **US cost only** Contact me for other countries.   
Includes 10 15mL bottles of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, plus a diffuser, all supplements and chemical free products you need to seriously transform your everyday health.