10 Things That Used To Be Staples In My Pantry Until I Became A Health Coach

   1  Many of you know that my health journey began when my mother became sick with an autoimmune disease.  I also had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and wanted to be as healthy as possible and live the longest, healthiest life possible.  

     With all of the controversy over whether or not butter was healthy or artificial sweeteners, I decided that the most natural option was the best policy.  I cut out all artificial sweeteners and opted for real sugar instead.  I stopped using margarine and used real butter.   Those were the first changes I made years ago.  

     After a lot of reading, studying and listening to webinars and podcasts, I’ve made more changes.  Below is a list of things that were once staples in my pantry, but are no longer allowed, or can be found in very limited quantities.

I don’t eat gluten and limit grains, but here are some other things that are not allowed because they are not healthy for those with an autoimmune disease.

1.  Canned foods-  Most cans today are lined with BPA (bisphenyl-A), a plastic material.  There is still much controversy over whether it is safe or not.  Either way, it’s not natural, so I would rather go with frozen foods or fresh produce.  I will buy canned beans every now and then or organic soup for quick lunches, but you will only find about 3-5 cans in my pantry at any one time.  You will find those same cans in a few weeks, most likely.

2.  Boxed meals or sides-  You used to be able to find boxed foods, such as macaroni and cheese or augratin potatoes.  Now, I don’t buy those.  It’s not that much more time consuming to make macaroni and cheese with fresh pasta, milk, butter and cheese.  I don’t eat that anymore, but my kids like to eat it sometimes.  I try to make foods that are quick and fresh.

cookies3.  Crackers and cookies-  These, of course, are made with gluten, but also with sodium and other hard to pronounce substances.  I may eat gluten free crackers occasionally, but I try to find the ones with very few ingredients.  

4.  Pre-mixed spice blends- Spices are great for adding flavor to your cooked dishes, salad dressings and sauces, but the pre-mixed blends may have MSG or gluten, of all things!  Why you need flour in a spice blend, I’ll never know.  I try to keep it safe and make my own blends.

5.  Pre-mixed sauces and dressings- Many of these contain unhealthy plant oils, such as soybean oil or canola oil.  Soybeans are one of the most genetically modified foods today.  Soybean and canola oils are also refined, which removes the beneficial parts of the plants according to this article from the Environmental Working Group.  

6.  Soy sauce- Again, this sauce is made with soybeans which are genetically modified.  It’s better to use organic soy sauce, called Tamari or coconut aminos, which are made from coconut tree sap from the coconut tree blossoms, and contain more amino acids and tastes like soy sauce.

almonds7.  Salted and seasoned or roasted nuts- These nuts usually contain too much sodium and they have those “natural flavorings” that may contain gluten or other harmful ingredients and they are often roasted in soybean or canola oil.  I choose raw nuts instead.  

8.  Granola bars- I used to think I was making a healthier choice by grabbing a granola bar over, say a cookie or a candy bar.  However, these bars often contain GMO ingredients, unhealthy oils and artificial colors and flavors.  Make your own granola bars instead with organic ingredients and no oil.  They will be much tastier too!

9.  Potato chips and pretzels- Yes, unhealthy oils again!  Pretzels also have gluten.  On the rare occasion I do indulge in chips, I choose a brand fried in avocado oil found at your local grocery store or here. (I have found them much cheaper at my local store.)  And don’t think those vegetable chips are a healthier alternative.  Read the labels.  Sometimes they are worse than potato chips!  Sweet potato chips can sometimes be a healthier option, but again, read the labels.

10.  Vegetable oil I used to use vegetable oil in my cooking for everything from pan frying to baking brownies.  Now, I only use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or butter.  (Here’s a secret: Exchange an equal amount of melted butter for the amount of oil called for in a recipe, such as muffins.or cakes.  Everyone will wonder why your baked goods taste so much better and you will be able to sniff out the vegetable oil in other baked goods from now on.  If you are sensitive to dairy, most people can tolerate ghee(clarified butter).)  

     If you are having difficulty switching these out because of habits or other outside forces(grumbling family members, pushy friends, etc.), I can help.  Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation with tips and tricks.  Email me at lori@beautifulimmunity.com to find a time that works best for you.  

Let me know in the comments below what is the hardest item in your pantry to get rid of.  

Coming soon: Banned refrigerator and freezer items!


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