3 Tips For Protecting Your Energy

So many of my clients ask me about energy and how to increase it.  It’s a big problem in our world because of all the bombardment of information we get on a daily basis.  

Your kids have the TV blaring in the background, while your phone is dinging from text messages.  Your spouse is in the next room talking loudly on a conference call.  When you pick up your phone to read your texts, you see a Facebook notification that your neighbor is having a party on the 12th.  You need to remember to get that on your calendar.  Your text is from your daughter at college who needs some money in her account.  You’ll do that now so you don’t forget.  

It’s no wonder we feel overloaded!  When do you find that you are the most exhausted during the day?  Is it when you wake up, feeling groggy?  Is it the mid-afternoon slump? Or is it at night after working a full day and then having to do household chores?  Let me know in the comments!

 I have lots of tips to help you regain your energy, but I’m just sharing three today.  

1.  Get enough sleep!

If you’ve been around here any amount of time, you know that I preach about getting enough sleep.  It’s so important for health, from weight management, to stress, to fighting inflammation and much more.  It is recommended that most adults get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night.  You may be thinking, “Oh I can get by on 4.”, but how much do you sleep if you really let yourself sleep as long as you want?  When you’re on vacation or have some time to sleep in, do you sleep longer than 4 hours?  I bet you do!  That’s probably because your body needs it.  Sleep is when our bodies detox and our cells regenerate.  

2.  Lessen Decision fatigue- 

Estimates are that adults make around 35,000 decisions in one day.  Think about it, by the time you get dressed for the day, you’ve already decided what to wear, when to turn on the coffee, what eyeshadow color you want, as well as what to eat for breakfast.  

If you can control the number of decisions you make by creating habits and doing some of the same things daily, your life will be so much easier.  Exercise at the same time every day.  Read inspirational books at the same time every day.  Plan meals ahead of time.  Create a capsule wardrobe.(Check Pinterest for ideas.)

My morning routine has helped me set habits and block schedule my time.  Putting the most important thing at the beginning of your day helps insure that you find time for it.  That most important thing is you and your self-care!

3.  Use your intuition-

Tap into your intuition to do things you truly want to do.  When we are influenced by others and fill our calendar with things we don’t really want to do, we become overwhelmed and unhappy.  

You can listen to your intuition by sitting in quiet daily, without other distractions.  Do this by meditating or journaling.   You could even just go on a walk or drive without the radio on.

My morning routine truly transformed my life.  I make sure I find me-time first thing in the morning.  I wake up gently and have more focus throughout my day.  If you would like to know more about setting up your own morning routine, I created a Transformational Morning Routine For Empaths mini-course.  Check it out here.

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