4 Quick Tips For Empaths And Highly Sensitive Women To Protect Their Energy


4 Quick Tips For Empaths And Highly Sensitive Women To Protect Their Energy


     If you are an empath or highly sensitive woman, you are susceptible to taking on the energy of those around you.  If it is negative energy, you may feel really drained and exhausted. Negative emotions from others can trigger anxiety and stress.

     The best advice is to just leave and go home if that is even possible, but many times it’s not.  Think family gatherings, birthday parties, office meetings, or conferences, for example. Here are four quick tips to help you protect your energy from these battery drainers.

  1.  Create an imaginary force field around yourself- This trick is a great mindset hack.  You can imagine the negative energy just bouncing right off of you and back towards the other person or transmuting into the air.  You can imagine a bubble surrounding you, a suit of armor, a zip up suit that totally encloses your body, or an invisible force field.
  2. Check out- You can just zone out and look at the person, nod your head and let what they say just roll right off of you.  They probably won’t even notice because they will be so caught up in what they are saying. If they do request an answer, just say, “Let me get back to you on that.” “Or I haven’t thought about that.”  Keep your answers vague.
  3. Leave- Even if you can’t leave the meeting, party or whatever, you can go to a quiet place and take a breather.  Go to the restroom, retrieve something from your car, excuse yourself to say hello to another person or refill your drink, etc.  While you’re away, take some deep breaths and think positive thoughts.
  4. Listen to your Inner Guidance- Some people can be pushy and talk you into doing things you don’t want to do.  Empaths and highly sensitive people often don’t like to upset anyone, so even if they aren’t pushy, you may perceive that they will be upset.  Instead of saying “no” which may feel bad, say you will check your calendar and get back to them. You can also say, “Let me think about it.” Some people just keep pushing and pushing, so you can say “If I have to decide right now, then the answer is no.”  You deserve the right to take your time making decisions. When you’ve made your final decision, stand firm. You don’t have to give a reason why. Just use the broken record technique-

Your friend: “Please come with us on this trip!”

You:  ”That will not work for me at this time.” 

Your friend:  “Why not? You never do anything fun with us!”

 You:  “That will not work for me at this time.”

Your friend:  “I don’t understand why you won’t come.”

You: “That will not work for me at this time.”

Eventually, they will get it. (Hint: This works really well for kids and teenagers begging for something. 🙂 )


     I hope these tips work for you.  Let me know which ones you will try, or if you have another technique you like, please share.


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