5 Essential Oils That Will Help Boost Your Immune System

     If you’re suffering from an autoimmune disease, or any kind of illness, you need to know about these oils!  In fact, you can boost your immune system before you get an illness by using these oils on a daily basis.  

     Essential oils are aromatic compounds taken from the leaves, stems, flowers, roots, bark, peel or seeds of a plant.  They are 50-70 times more potent than herbs.  However, they are safe when used properly, with very little side effects.  You can put them on topically to be absorbed through your skin, inhale them from your hands or a diffuser, and take them internally (but only if they are 100% pure, therapeutic grade and you trust the company.  Make sure the company is transparent about what is in their oils.  I only use this company after lots of research.).  If the oils can be used internally, you will see the supplement facts on the side of the bottle.  

     I began hearing about essential oils while going through my health coach certification.  I was really interested because I was looking for natural ways to clean my house and get rid of synthetic fragrances.  I was excited to know that they had health benefits too!  Since my mom passed away from cancer, I want to be really careful what I use with my family.  I not only want to avoid chemicals and synthetics, but I want to improve my own health.  

Here are some oils you can use to boost your immune system:

  1.  Frankincense-  This is the “king” of oils.  You probably know that the 3 Wise Men offered frankincense to the Christ child as a gift.  Back then, frankincense was used as medicine, before drugs had been created.  It was very valuable.  It may have been offered for it’s anti-inflammatory support, as well as to keep away infection.  
  2. Myrrh–  Myrrh was also offered as a gift to the Christ child for its medicinal properties.  It is anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and antiseptic.  It is great for the immune system, nervous system and skin.  
  3. Copaiba– This oil is a powerful antioxidant and can support immune health, the cardiovascular system, the nervous system, digestive health, and the respiratory system.  It works like CBD oil, without the psychoactive effects.
  4. Sandalwood– This oil is also anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and this study suggests that it may help with apoptosis, or cell death in unhealthy cells. It has been used for skin conditions as well.
  5. Turmeric- Turmeric has long been used in Ayurvedic practices.  It is anti-inflammatory and helps with circulation, blood sugar regulation, joint inflammation, and the nervous system with emotional benefits.

     The easiest way to use these oils is aromatically with a diffuser, but they may not be your favorite scent.  They are all kind of woodsy smelling.  You can mix them with other oils for a more pleasing scent or you can use them topically. 

     My favorite way to use frankincense, myrrh and turmeric is internally.  I have supplements with these in them and sometimes I put a few drops in a veggie capsule to swallow.  I like to use frankincense and sandalwood in a roller bottle with other oils for skin.  See my recipe below.  I put two drops of copaiba straight under my tongue when I feel something coming on or when I’m super stressed.  To me, myrrh really stinks.  If I put it on my skin, I smell it all day!  But, if I put it on my feet, where we have the largest pores, I can’t smell it.  That’s a great way to use oils with kids because our feet are not as sensitive as the rest of our skin.

     Regardless of whether you use essential oils aromatically, topically or internally, studies show that the compounds will travel throughout your body, with some constituents reaching maximum levels within 10 minutes and some within 20 minutes.  Unlike most drugs, the molecules are able to penetrate the cell walls where they can be most effective.

     I usually use this roller bottle to spot treat dark spots or raised areas on my skin.  

Skin Repair Roller Blend

20 drops frankincense
10 drops sandalwood
Fill the rest of a 10ml roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.  (You can use jojoba or sweet almond oil instead)

     Start using essential oils daily for the many health benefits, and just say “NO” to unhealthy chemicals and synthetic fragrances in your home.  If you need help with finding great oils, see my page here or send me a message.  I’m on a mission to help women take care of their health and the health of their families without dangerous chemicals and drugs with side-effects.  No one should have to suffer like some of my loved ones have!


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