5 Things That Used To Be Staples In My Freezer Until I Became A Health Coach

Freezer     In my last post, I told you about 10 things that used to be staples in my pantry, but are no longer allowed. This week, I want to tell you about the things I used to always have on hand in my freezer, but now I don’t buy.  Since studying about nutrition and learning about nutrients our bodies need and toxins that can contribute to inflammation and disease, I’ve cut the following foods out of my diet and my family’s diet.

1. Diet Meals-  I used to love a certain brand of diet meal.  I bought a few every week.  I thought I was doing a great thing because they had vegetables and lean meats.  Way better than a sandwich, or so I thought.  I could grab one on a busy morning to take to work.  I would add an apple and be good to go.  Little did I realize the preservatives and sodium I was putting into my body.  (Some of them have up to 1800 mg of sodium!) Not only that, but I would be starving later in the day and looking for something to snack on, or I would eat a fast food dinner because I couldn’t wait until I took the time to cook something.

2.  Frozen waffles and pastries- Okay, so these aren’t quite banned yet.  I’m trying, but my kids are a little tougher to break the habits with.  We’re working on healthier choices for the mornings.  Sometimes I can get them to have a smoothie or eggs and bacon.  The older ones are really harder to change.  

3.  Bagged vegetables in sauce- I still do the frozen vegetables, but I no longer buy the steam in bag vegetables with the sauce already in them.  It’s really so easy to prepare the vegetables yourself and make your own sauce.  All the sodium and additives are not worth the 1-2 minutes you might save.  Cook them on the stove and use natural ingredients to make your sauce or seasonings.

4.  Frozen whipped topping-  I really haven’t bought this in a long time, but I did grow up eating it.   

5.  French Fries- French fries should just be potatoes and oil, right?  Did you know most frozen french fries(and all fries for that matter) have gluten.  You have to search long and hard to find a brand that doesn’t contain gluten.  Many also have terribly inflammatory vegetable oils that have been sprayed with pesticides and have been genetically modified.  

These are the things that I do have in my freezer now:

frozen berries

1. Frozen organic fruit- I throw these in my smoothies in the morning.  It’s nice to have them on hand for busy mornings.  Fresh fruit is really good, but sometimes it goes bad before the week is up or it doesn’t taste as good if it’s out of season.  

2.  Frozen organic vegetables- These are great to have on hand when you just can’t get to the store.  You can steam them or throw them in soups or stews.  


3.  Leftover meals- I like to freeze any leftovers from our family dinners for eating on another day for lunch or a quick dinner.  I save some in single portions and some for nights when only a few of us are home to eat.  

4.  Frozen herbs- Sometimes I buy herbs like parsley or cilantro and I don’t use it all.  So,  I chop it all and freeze it in a baggie.  The next time I need some for a recipe, I can grab it from the freezer and toss the herb in whatever I’m cooking.

fish meal

5. Frozen wild caught fish- Fish is so good for you, but it doesn’t keep very long.  At my grocer, I can buy individually packed wild caught salmon.  I can grab as many filets as I need for whoever wants to eat that night.  (With teenagers you never know who will be home and who will not.)

     I’m sure I probably left some things out.  Let me know in the comments below what you have taken out of your freezer and what you may have added.  






4 Comments on “5 Things That Used To Be Staples In My Freezer Until I Became A Health Coach

  1. Great tips Lori! My freezer went through that makeover too several years ago. Mine also has some homemade treats for when I want a quick safe goodie!

  2. I think my lists are pretty much parallel with yours, Lori!! One of the vendors at our local Farmers’ Market sells individually packaged wild salmon also. We usually keep a package or two of frozen (local) ground lamb or beef as well. These are really great tips — thank you for sharing!!

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