5 Ways An Empath Can Find Rejuvenation In Nature

Empaths are drawn to nature

Empaths appreciate the beautiful details of nature, from the delicate strands of a spiderweb to the vast height and girth of a sequoia tree.  They appreciate the stillness and the distant song of a dove’s cooing.  
The earth below grounds the empath’s energy and makes them feel steady once again.  A gentle dunk in the warm waters of a lake or stream can wash away the stresses of the world.  

5 Ways you can use nature to renew your energy

  1. Try a Walking Meditation- find a trail or path in nature to take a walk.  Go without distractions like headphones and other people.  (If you take someone with you, agree to walk separately.)  As you walk, clear your mind of to-do lists and allow your thoughts to just flow.  Let your thoughts wander wherever they want to go.  
  2. Go for a swim in a natural body of water, like a lake, stream or the ocean.  Notice the temperature and the waves as they flow over your body.  Let yourself float and notice the gentle movement.  
  3. Go on a day trip- take a short trip to a nearby hiking spot, arboretum, or gardens.  It feels like a little mini-vacation, and you will enjoy looking at the beauty of nature that you may not get to see very often.  Last summer, our family went to an antique rose emporium, with roses dating back many years.  The gardens were gorgeous, and something we had never seen before.  
  4. Go on a vacation- Take a trip to a place where you love the temperature and terrain.  Spend as much time as possible outdoors.  A trip like this can totally renew you and give you energy for many months.  My family loves to go to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We’ve been going there for many generations.  The warm sand, sun and ocean waves totally make me feel relaxed.  I also have so many wonderful memories of family when I go there.  
  5. Try earthing-  The Earth has an electromagnetic force that can help you feel grounded when stress is making you feel overwhelmed.  For earthing, all you have to do is stand on dirt, sand or grass, barefoot if possible.  You can also try lying down if there is a good spot.  This study presents strong evidence that, when you practice earthing or grounding, you reduce symptoms of inflammation and disease. 

Nature is healing for the empath

Being out in nature, along with nutritious foods, clean water and a regular self-care practice are key to helping an empath get to their optimum level of health.  Make time for nature as part of your daily practice whenever possible.  

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