5 Ways To Figure Out Your Life Purpose

Whether you are making a change in careers, or you’ve just ignored your dreams for years.

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Some of Us Know Our Purpose From an Early Age

If you’re lucky, you knew from an early age what you loved to do, and what your purpose is.  My sweet little neighbor that lived by me when I was pregnant, used to love to run over and rub my belly.  She was only four, but she could not wait for that baby to come.  She and her mom were some of the first visitors after I brought my daughter home.  She lovingly and carefully held my newborn while we sat next to her on the couch.  That little girl that always loved babies grew up to be a labor and delivery nurse, who is pregnant with her third child.  

Some of us happen upon our purpose after finding a hobby we love.  Some of us have our life purpose forced upon us after going through a difficult experience.  Still others of us flounder about with seemingly no purpose at all.  However, all of us have a purpose, that is just waiting for us.  The Divine sends us clues if we are willing to listen.

5 Ways To Figure Out What Your Life Purpose Is

Perhaps you are one of those people that haven’t found your life purpose yet. Or, maybe you have been working in a job that you love, but it’s no longer fulfilling.  These tips will help you get a better idea of what you really want to do with the rest of your life.

  1.  Think about what you loved to do as a child of about 10 years old.  When you were younger, you could dream of being anything you wanted.  Hopefully you didn’t have adults to chime in and tell you that wasn’t possible.   As we get older, we have pressure from parents and society that tell us what we “should” do.  Usually, it’s something that will help you earn a secure living, with a salary and a retirement plan.  My oldest son dreamed of being a pilot, but a relative convinced him that he wouldn’t make very much money.  He got a degree in Industrial Distribution, and a very respectable job.  Thankfully, he is also taking flying lessons, and exploring other entrepreneurial jobs that he would love to do.  (I’m all about happiness and living your purpose.)
  2. What could you do all day without complaining or getting tired?  I can write and create content for my coaching business for hours.  The time just flies by.  My husband or my daughter will tell me to stop working sometimes, because I get so caught up in what I am doing.
  3. What makes you excited?  My youngest daughter loves planning and organizing.  Give her a themed party to plan, and she will be excitedly working out every detail for days.  She also loves organizing (not her own stuff, of course, but anyone else’s.)  Give her a disorganized closet, and she will get right to work.  
  4. What do people praise you for?  My oldest daughter is the family coordinator.  Everyone goes to her for details about family gatherings.  She remembers every detail.  She probably doesn’t get the praise she deserves, but the fact that everyone calls her, says a lot about her gifts.  For me, it’s my patience and ability to listen without judgement that people praise me for.  
  5. What would you love to do even if you weren’t paid for it?  My youngest daughter will plan or organize anything, with joy, even if she weren’t paid.  I love to help people figure out solutions to their physical and emotional problems.  I would answer every question I ever come across, if I had time (and the knowledge, of course).  

You’ve Been Getting Clues About Your Purpose

You’ve been getting clues about your purpose throughout your life.  Maybe you’ve ignored them because your parents or another influential person convinced you not to listen to those cues.  There were certain professions that were considered “ideal” as many of us were growing up, like doctor, lawyer, or engineer.  Some professions were not as celebrated, like artist, musician, or entrepreneur.  

Luckily, we have the advantage of the internet and many online markets that were not available in the past.  You can make a career out of just about anything nowadays.  There are teenagers making millions of dollars by posting content on TikTok.  There’s even a woman on YouTube that makes a ton of money unboxing toys for kids.  Her hands are the only part of her that you see.  

If you dream it, you can make a career out of it.  You get clues about your purpose throughout your life, like when your neighbor thanks you profusely for helping her with her garden, or your friends watch a video you post on Instagram, and they ask you tons of questions.  You get clues when you help everyone at work with that new technology program, because you’re the only one that gets it.  It’s a clue when other women stop you in the store and ask what kind of makeup you’re wearing, or how you styled your hair so beautifully.  

Some Times That We Might Re-visit Our Life Purpose

Sometimes our life purpose changes slightly, or maybe even in a big way.  For many years, I loved working with children.  I taught elementary school for many years, and had four kids of my own.  As my children grew, and things changed in the education field, I pivoted slightly.  My mother had passed of cancer,  and as I decided to get my own health on track, I wanted to teach other women how to get healthier too.  I got my health coach certification and started working with women.  

I’m still teaching and taking professional development classes like before, it’s just that now I work with women instead of kids.

I know many women that changed from being a full-time mom, with a very valuable purpose, to then wanting something of their own interests, as their children left home.  The pandemic has caused thousands (maybe millions) of people to rethink their careers after being sent home for months.  Lots of people made a pivot after being laid off from their job as businesses shut down.  Whatever your reason for searching out your life purpose, the above questions will give you a good place to start.

Have you made a change in careers or future goals since the pandemic?  I would love to hear in the comments.  

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