7 Ways To Turn Worry Into Trust

Worrying is bad for your health

Worry causes us to lose sleep, enjoy relationships less, and enjoy our daily lives less.  If worry continues over a long period of time, it can lead to Generalized Anxiety Disorder(GAD), increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, inflammation and a decreased immune system response.  

Turn worry to trust in a higher power

Many times we can’t do much to change the things we’re worrying about, such as current politics, worldwide health pandemics, and how other people are choosing to live their lives.  Some things we can change with small daily habits, like exerting our voting rights, eating healthier foods, and personal growth.

In my experience, it’s the things we can’t change that cause us the most stress.  The only way to worry less is to turn that stress over to trust in a higher power.  I call that higher power God, but you call it whatever works for you.  

You have to believe that there is a higher power working towards your greater good.  A force that wants the best possible life for you.  Good and bad experiences are aligning to bring you the growth you need for a joyful life.

How to turn worry into trust

  1. Create a daily practice of reading devotionals-  I like to read Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, which has one inspirational passage per day of the year, plus Bible verses to support that day’s passage.  I also read Holy Shift by Robert Holden, which also has a daily passage, but these come from A Course In Miracles.
  2. Flip to a Bible passage (or other devotional book) and read that passage for the day.  You can also revisit verses you know and love.
  3. Draw oracle cards- Oracle cards are inspirational cards that give you positive messages to move forward in life with trust.
  4. Ask for signs or evidence-  When I read the book, Signs The Secret Language of The Universe, by Laura Lynne Jackson, I asked for signs of my own and got some pretty incredible ones!  Like the time I asked for a purple butterfly, and then my husband accidentally turned down a wrong street and someone had a giant purple butterfly statue in their front yard. Eeek!
  5. Diffuse or roll on essential oils- Essential oils have constituents that go directly from the olfactory system to the limbic system and cause a change in your mood.  There are oils for calming, oils for focus, and oils for boosting mood. Try blends with lavender, roman chamomile, cedarwood or grapefruit.  Find out more about essential oils and their uses here.   
  6. Turn off the news- Instead of listening to all the news media that use scare tactics to get viewers, tune into your own inner guidance.  You have a lot of wisdom of your own, and you can trust what feels good to you.
  7. Get support from someone you trust- Talk with a family member, friend, therapist, clergy member or coach whenever worry starts to overcome you.

Let me know your favorite ways to stop worrying

There are many ways to turn worry into trust.  I hope these ways have been helpful to you.  Let me know in the comments if there is something you’ve found to be particularly helpful in your own life to stop worrying so much.  

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