The 9 Things People Have Successfully Used To Heal And My Immunity Reboot Program


     This past weekend I was looking for something interesting to watch on Netflix and I came across the documentary, Heal.
  As I watched it, I recognized several leaders in the natural health world that I follow, like Dr. Joe Dispenza (his book, Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself is one of my top recommendations for reading), Dr. Kelly Brogan (who is a pioneer in natural mental health), and Michael Beckwith.  There are some new ones too, like Dr. Kelly Turner (I can’t wait to read her book, Radical Remission). 

     During the program, Dr. Turner shared some research and talked about the 9 things people that recovered had used.  I realized, (with excitement) that those 9 things were all part of my Immunity Reboot program.  I am NOT promising remission for any of your health symptoms, but what I can say is that I will get you started on the road to healing and transformation.  

Here are those 9 things: 
-Diet change
-Taking control of your health (instead of letting everyone else tell you what works for your body)
-Following your intuition
-Using herbs and supplements
-Releasing suppressed emotions
-Increasing positive emotions
-Embracing social support
-Deepening your spiritual connection
-Have a strong reason for living

     It has taken me many years of studying and self discovery to learn all of these things and I’m hoping to shorten that journey for other women.  You can do it on your own, but it may take a long time and cost a lot of money.  Just think, how many doctors and therapists have you already been to that haven’t helped much.  Do you still feel stuck? Do you still have unwanted health symptoms?

     My program is all about the mindset that it takes to get yourself back on the road to health, but also peace and joy after years of putting everyone else first and maybe even having energy vampires in your life.  I discovered that I am a highly sensitive person and an empath, which means I feel things a little more deeply than others.  I tend to take in the emotions around the room and feel as if they are my own.  I absorb the energy of others if I’m not careful.  I’ve had to work at shielding myself fromnegative energy and set boundaries.  To be honest, I’m still working on that, and maybe always will be, but I’ve come SO far!  I can help you do it too.  I’ll be your support, along with the other beautiful women in my group.

    Immunity Reboot is a 12 week program that aims at total transformation using my signature REBOOT method.  There will be 12 weekly live videos where you can ask questions as well as a supportive Facebook group to get help any time.  Check it out and I hope you will join us.  Feel free to message me or email me with any questions about the program.

You can also set up a discovery call  here to chat with me and see if my work is right for you.  

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