About Me!

During a 10 year span, I experienced divorce and the loss of my mother.  I also lost 2 very important women in my life.  I’m not really sure how I made it through the trauma, but somehow I did, little by little.  It took a lot of heartache and years of therapists, coaching programs and certifications.  Now, I support women who are going through their own traumatic event, like divorce or loss of a loved one, to learn to put themselves first for once and bring back their joy.  

I have 4 beautiful children that range in age from 24 on down to age 12.  My oldest son graduated from college at Texas A&M University, I have a daughter and a son at Blinn Junior College, and  and a daughter in junior high school.  I have been an elementary teacher for over 20 years and I have a Master’s in School Counseling degree.

I started my journey as a health coach after watching my mother battle a horrible autoimmune disease and end up with cancer. Autoimmune diseases run in my family and I did not want to see one more family member suffer.

During my years of study, I learned that much of my healing needed to come through changes in my thoughts and mindset.  Somewhere along the way in life, I forgot that I was important too.  I forgot that I deserved joy and that I even had a voice.  I had to re-learn how to listen to myself.  I had to learn to set boundaries.  I had to learn to let go of some things that were not serving me. 

I really had everything I needed to heal myself inside of me.   Check out my Work With Me page to see how I can help you too!

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