About Me!

Hi! My name is Lori and I am a recovering people pleaser, co-dependent with no boundaries.  I’m married with 4 children from ages 13-25.  I taught elementary school for over 20 years and have a Master’s degree in school counseling. 

I’ve come a long way since my divorce years ago, blending a family and dealing with the trauma of losing my mother to cancer.  After my mother passed, things really started falling apart for me.  My people-pleasing and codependency were causing a lot of problems in my life.  It took a lot of work and many years, but I am finally healthy, with stronger boundaries and confidence in my own self-worth.

During my years of studying to become a Transformational Nutrition and Health Coach, I learned that much of my healing needed to come through changes in my thoughts and mindset.  Somewhere along the way in life, I forgot that I was important too.  I forgot that I deserved joy and that I even had a voice.  It took re-learning how to listen to myself and learning to set healthy boundaries with family, friends and co-workers.  I had to learn to let go of some things that were not serving me. 

Now, I teach other empaths and highly sensitive women to set healthy boundaries and practice self-care so they can improve their own health and have quality relationships with the ones they love.  To learn more about my programs, go here.

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The Transformation Method Summit (Ended, no link available)

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