Are you or your child having trouble focusing? Are you not wanting to use medication to “fix” the problem?

My family and I have struggled with attention and focus in our own lives. I’ve found some tools throughout the years that have helped. None of us have severe focus problems, so medication was not a great solution for us. If you are having severe troubles, like not making friends, addiction to alcohol or drugs, not passing school classes, or not keeping a job, please seek the help of a professional psychiatrist.

Here are a few of the things that helped us:

  1. A very structured schedule
  2. Getting plenty of sleep at night. Adults need 7-9 hours and kids need 9-12 hours if they are school aged.
  3. A healthy diet of real whole foods (not fast foods or processed foods).
  4. Exercise and play (outdoors when possible), with less structured time. All of my kids did about one organized sport or activity, but that was the limit. While teamwork and rules for sports are great lessons, kids need time to play without structure as well.
  5. An organizational system that works for your family. (Everything in it’s place.)
  6. Essential oils and supplements.

If you or your child are highly sensitive or empathic, you need even more unstructured alone time. Be sure to give your body the break from over-arousal and the rest it needs.

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