Sleep Better Naturally Challenge

    Maybe you have trouble falling asleep at night.  Or maybe you have trouble staying asleep at night.  If you are like me, I didn’t have trouble with either.  My problem was not going to bed early enough to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep.  I knew I stayed up too late some nights, but I thought most nights I got 7 hours of sleep.  I was shocked when I started tracking my sleep.  I NEVER got 7 hours of sleep during the week!
     Why is sleep so important?  It has been linked to such health issues as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and poor immune function.  Not to mention the stress, focus and anxiety problems that can plague us.  Our bodies repair themselves at night during sleep and brain health depends on it.  

   This challenge will give you daily tips to help you get to bed on time, fall asleep easier and stay asleep during the night.  Fill in your information below for 5 days of tips, tricks, and a visualization for each day sent right to your inbox for FREE!  

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