How An Empath’s Money Mindset May Cause Health Symptoms

Empaths are sensitive to the feelings of others surrounding money

Empaths are sensitive to how other people feel, and when they sense that someone is angry, or upset about money, they may change their own behavior to make the other person more comfortable.  It is also common for an empath to be codependent on another person for money, a parent, a spouse, or an employer.
If an empath is too worried about how another person feels about money, they will have extra stress and maybe even chronic health symptoms.

Do you have trouble taking money?

Empaths have a great sense of fairness and equality.  Taking a raise at work may be hard if they know others in their department aren’t making that much. 
Empaths love to give and help others, often at their own expense of both money and time.  They give especially of the things that come easily to them.  Take these scenarios: -You’re good at designing.  What’s wrong with spending a few hours helping a friend redo their living room, when it’s something you love? (Even though it kept you from having dinner with your family a couple of nights, and you were tired waking up for work the next few days.)  She offered to pay you WAY too much!
-Or, you’re really good with plants.  Your friends are always calling you and asking you advice for how to propagate a philodendron, or fertilize their rose bushes.  You’ve spent a lot of time answering their questions, but it’s what you love.  How can you charge money when they really need your help?

Do you have trouble spending money on yourself?

It’s easy to pay for those expensive music lessons for your daughter or a batting coach for your son to improve his skills on the baseball field, but when was the last time you bought yourself a lesson or coach?  
Your husband needs a new suit for work.  Your house needs to be painted.  You don’t really need new shoes.
Empaths are really good at looking out for the needs of others and putting their own needs on the back burner.

Have you seen other people be selfish or stingy with money?

Has a family member been controlling with money?  Like maybe your dad only gave you money when you were doing what he wanted you to do as a teenager, or your mom only gave you money when you were buying the clothes she liked.  
It could be that you saw examples of someone outside of your family making selfish money decisions.  Either way, empaths pick up on the intent and emotions of the person lording over the money and might think to themselves, “I don’t want to ever be like that!”
Having negative money experiences with other people can lead to lifelong struggles with your own money story.  

How your money mindset can be causing your health symptoms

Money is a major cause of stress.  In fact, a study by Scott, et al, shows that more than 36% of divorces are caused by financial problems.  Emotional stress is one of the largest contributors to the 6 leading causes of death, according to another study by Salleh, MD.
So, if you are experiencing a lot of emotional stress due to finances, then you may also be experiencing health problems.  

How to heal your money story to improve your health

  1.  Read books about money mindset.  I’ll list 4 that I loved.
    A Happy Pocket Full of Money- David Gikandi
    -Money, A Love Story- Kate Northrup
    -Tapping Into Wealth- Margaret Lynch
    -You Are A Badass At Making Money- Jen Sincero
  2. Use stress relieving techniques.  Meditation, yoga, and hypnosis are a few ways to relieve your stress, which allows you to be more patient and calm as you discuss money.  
  3. Find a mentor.  I have a good friend that is great with money.  There’s probably someone like that in your life.  Ask them for advice or find a coach or financial expert to help you learn how to budget as well as grow your money.
  4. Write out your goals for your money.  What do you really want for your future?  If you know you want a  house at the beach, and you begin saving towards that goal,  suddenly that $50 sweater doesn’t look so appealing.  
  5. Get on the same page with your spouse.  It will take communication and compromise, but ultimately you want to be working towards the same money goals.  If one of you is better at budgeting, let that person have the job along with input from the other partner.  

Empaths can heal their money mindset if they work at it.  Find time in your day to work on your mindset and communication with your partner.  My course on a Transformational Morning Routine for Empaths can help you carve out some special “me time” that you can use as your money learning time.  Plan on reading or working on your budget a few days a week and communicating with your partner at least once a week about money goals.  
When you heal your money mindset, you relieve stress and along with it, the chronic health symptoms stress can cause.  

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