Faith and Prayer Are Tools An Empath Can Use To Reduce Stress

What is faith?

 Faith is believing in a power greater than yourself that is guiding you in your best interest. Faith and prayer are tools an empath can use to reduce stress because you trust that the divine is a loving presence that wants the very best for you.  

Empaths can be very sensitive to the negativity and sadness of other people and the world in general.  We look at injustice and suffering and wonder why it has to happen.  Why do people have to go through such difficult things?  But, when we trust in a higher power, we know that there are certain things we just don’t understand, but a force of love and light is greater than all the negative things we see.

You may call this higher power God, The Universe, Allah, or something else.  I choose to call it God or The Divine.  Whatever you call this force, believing in it is very comforting in times of stress, sadness, or even joy and celebration.  

What is prayer?

Prayer is talking to your higher power to ask for guidance, reassurance, or just to give thanks.  If you’ve been raised in a traditional religion, you may have been taught a formal way of praying, but prayer can be just having the intention of communicating.  It can be done anywhere, driving in your car, lying in your bed, while doing the dishes, or sitting outdoors.  I’m certainly not the expert on prayer because I wasn’t really raised with a lot of formal religious experiences.  However, I have always considered myself a Christian and pray often.  When I pray, I think of it as having a conversation with a powerful and loving parent.  

How faith and prayer reduce stress

If you believe that a loving power is watching over you, you know that even when things get really difficult in your life, things will always work out.  I can look back over the very hardest times in my life and find a way that those times helped me grow or helped me have a greater outcome than I ever could have imagined for myself.  (I know that is really hard when thinking about the death of a loved one.  I won’t say that my life turned out better after losing my mom of course, but I can say I have  had to grow in ways that I might not have if she were still here to make things easier for me. Understanding death is something that may have to wait until we meet our higher power someday.)

It took a lot of years for me to understand the power of faith.  I used to think I could control things on my own, by worrying about them or people pleasing.  It took a lot of life crisis to understand that I am not in control.  Now, when I get stressed or things look dire, I remind myself to TRUST.  I pray and I listen for what God wants me to do.  I find that my first gut reaction was usually the one that would have made things better for me.  Those times that I let my own ego come in and talk me out of those initial thoughts are the times where I am not listening to God and things are harder for me.  This is how I use faith and prayer to reduce stress:

Trust that things are going to work out for me.  I have a reminder to Trust that pops up on my phone daily.
Listen to my intuition, which I believe is God speaking to me.  I have to find time in my day to sit in quiet so that I can listen.
Watch for signs (a person that comes into your life, an opportunity, a gift, a “coincidence”)

Faith and prayer are tools an empath can use to reduce stress as we navigate through a world with a media that loves to exploit all of the things that are bad in life.  

I would love to hear your stories of how having faith has helped you during a really stressful time.  Share in the comments below.  

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