Group and Self-Study Programs

This is my signature 12-week program.  In this program, you will become educated on the tools and tactics used by narcissists and other toxic people, to keep you stuck and unable to live the peaceful, happy life you dream of.  In this program, you will learn to create healthy boundaries and self-care strategies, so that you no longer feel like a victim. 

This course includes:

💗12 group coaching calls
💗12 modules with a simple companion exercise
💗12 weekly inspirational and educational videos
💗 A group of like-minded people that have all been in a similar situation
💗 A safe space to talk about your toxic relationship, and it’s unique challenges
💗 Tools to recover your authentic self, and heal from the wounds of emotional abuse

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You Can Only Change Yourself

My Signature 4 Week Program designed specifically for empaths and highly sensitive women with chronic symptoms

This is my 4 week online self-study program designed to help empaths and highly sensitive women reclaim their health by getting to the root cause of your trauma, creating healthy boundaries and practicing self-care, so you can find the peace and joy you’ve been searching for.

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It is so difficult to make the decision to end a relationship, or decide if it is worth saving. Maybe you have kids to think about, finances to worry over, and other logistics. Not only that, but you love this person. I won’t make this big decision for you, but I can help you get clarity, and give you steps to help you move forward either way you choose. 

This is an 8 week self-study program.  You can do it on your phone or computer, with your ear-buds in, at any time you like.  The self-study allows for perfect privacy.  Take your time, and go at your own pace for this important decision.  Come back and re-do the modules any time you need to.  It takes women an average of 7 tries to leave a toxic relationship for good.  

Maybe you want to save your relationship.  This program can help you with that too.  

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