How an Empath Can Use Essential Oils and Crystals To Reduce Stress

 How stress can affect an empath?

If you’re an empath, that means you feel things very deeply. You take in your surroundings quickly and pick up on the emotions of others. You generally want everyone to be happy, and when they are not, it can be stressful and exhausting for you because you can feel that energy. Eventually, that stress can cause health symptoms like, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, and more.

I had a doctor once tell me that my health symptoms were caused by stress, most likely. I was actually mad that he suggested that because, get this, I didn’t think I was that stressed. How could stress cause my digestive problems, weight gain and exhaustion, I wondered. 

That’s funny to me now, because I was obviously under a ton of stress. My mother and two close friends had recently passed away from cancer. Not only that, I was a full-time teacher and I had a boss that did not suit my easy-going, sensitive personality. 

At home, I was blending families with my new husband, our daughter, and my three children from my previous marriage.  Parenthood of four children, in general, can be very stressful, but with a step-parent, it is extra difficult.  

Needless to say, I was very stressed, but to be truthful, I was beating myself up for not being organized enough, strong enough, and just generally enough to handle everything on my plate.   

Society tells us we can do it all.  Women on social media and TV look like they are handling it all so well.  

I also thought stress was what you went through after losing a spouse or a child.  Stress is what happens when you lose your job, are homeless or abused.  

Now, I know that ongoing low levels of stress can be just as harmful to your health as those big traumas.  If your body is under a constant level of stress, many of your normal body functions shut off, like the ones that boost your immune system and run your digestive system.  No wonder I had those problems!

Although I didn’t think that doctor was right, what I did next actually helped me feel a sense of control and lowered my stress.  I changed my diet in baby steps and I started my certification to become a health coach, which made me feel in control of my health and helped me feel a sense of purpose.   

Why use essential oils?

One of the things I vowed to do was cut out all things artificial as much as possible.  That meant removing fake foods from my diet and using natural products.  I was introduced to essential oils shortly after beginning my health coaching certification.  I experimented with diffusing them in my home to help with allergy symptoms.  I really loved the smell and they didn’t give me headaches like other fragrances did.  

Essential oils help with stress by evoking pleasant memories.  The tiny molecules go from your olfactory system straight to the mood center (the amygdala) of your brain.  Some oils like lavender and roman chamomile support calming feelings.  Others, like peppermint and citrus oils are uplifting.  There are so many essential oils to choose from, depending on the type of scent you like.  I like to use a reference book to help me choose oils, like this one, or you can just open a few bottles and pick one or a few.  

I love to diffuse essential oils in a diffuser, like this one, or make my own roller bottles with bottles that can be found on amazon or  Just add 10-20 drops of essential oil and top with fractionated coconut oil.  Be sure to get your oils from a reputable source.  You want pure essential oils with no fillers or artificial ingredients.  Unfortunately, they are not regulated by the FDA, so you have to do some research.  I’ve done my research and have a favorite brand that does over 48 tests for purity and are totally transparent with their ingredients.  You can check them out on my website here.

How crystals can help reduce stress

I just started getting really interested in crystals over the past year. Crystals have been used for thousands of years.  The Ancient Egyptians used crystals for healing and protection.  They’ve been used by Romans, Greeks, Indians and others for different purposes throughout history. 

There is no scientific evidence that crystals work for healing or mood boosting, but that doesn’t mean they won’t actually help.  To me, crystals are beautiful, and they are a great reminder that there is a higher power watching over me and I have a purpose on this Earth. 

Many healers believe crystals harness the energy of the moon, sun, water and earth.  As a former science teacher, I can totally get that.  I always taught my students about matter and how each type of matter has energy, including solids.  It makes sense that different densities of crystals would have different types of energy.  

Some of the crystals that help with stress, that I found in Crystals For Healing, are onyx, selenite, and blue lace agate.  You can find these at a local shop or search on Etsy.

If you want information about essential oils, you can check out this page on my website or email me at

I would love to hear your favorite essential oil or crystal!

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