How Do I Know Which Essential Oil Brand To Use?

I was just on a call discussing essential oils and how to best support our customers/clients.  Another lady shared a story about a friend that was in a very compromised health state.  She was excited to be using essential oils to help her heal.  She mentioned the brand she was using and my essential oil teammate looked up that particular company.  

Unfortunately, the company her friend was using had some terrible reviews.  Even though their company promised therapeutic grade essential oils, that were pure and 100% essential oils, tests showed that they had cancer causing chemicals and zero of the actual plant oil that it was labeled as.  What the heck?  How is that even allowed?  

Her friend immediately threw away her 40 bottles.  Yes, I said 40!  She thought she was taking her health into her hands and using a natural alternative to the typical pharmaceutical drugs with tons of side effects.  That makes me really angry!  How about you?

So, the lesson is, do your research.  Don’t just read labels and listen to your friends.  Oh, and don’t just Google it either.  You have to actually look at scientific studies or look to see if the company shares their chromatogram information.  That should be something readily available.  

See the chromatogram for my frankincense here.

My chosen brand of essential oils is doTERRA because they are transparent with their information and do over 48 tests to ensure purity.  I also love that they harvest plants from their indigenous country where climate, soil, and rainfall are ideal.  They partner with growers that have harvested the plants for essential oils for generations, leaving out the brokers that often rob them of rightfully earned money, and giving the growers and employees living wages.  

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