How To Listen to Your Intuition, the Do’s and Don’ts

Plus, an exercise to try if you’re stuck.

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Ask for an Answer

The first steps for listening to your intuition, are to find a quiet place to sit, close your eyes, and take some deep, slow breaths.  Then ask a yes or no question, like, “Should I take this job?”, or, “Is this the right home for me to buy?”.  Visualize the choice in your head.  Imagine yourself telling your boss you are quitting.  Imagine driving to the new job, walking through the door, meeting new people, and then working in a new position.  Finally, listen for the answer.  

For me, my intuition comes as a really quick whisper, then my ego steps in and tells me why that won’t work, or why that answer is wrong.  For example, if I ask, “Should I change jobs?”, my intuition might say, “Yes, it is time to go for your dream job!”, but my ego will say, “But, you won’t make enough money.”, or “The commute will be awful!”.  Those fear thoughts are meant to keep the status quo, where you are considered safe.  But, those may just be fear thoughts, and not necessarily how you want to feel.  

An internal ‘yes’ answer will feel like chill bumps, joy, excitement, or ease.  An internal ‘no’ will cause symptoms like nausea, headaches, tension, anxiety, or digestive issues.  It will feel heavy.  

If You Feel Stuck

There are a few Do’s and Don’ts you can try to get unstuck.  


  • Do go outside in nature (somewhere peaceful)

  • Do try journaling/Free writing
  • Do something mindless and relaxing, like
    • swimming
    • taking a bath
    • putting together a puzzle
    • drawing 
    • knitting
    • taking a nap
  • Meditating

Then, ask the question again.  Sometimes, busying your mind with a mindless task will bring clarity.


  • Don’t follow someone else’s advice, unless it feels good to you and passes the ‘yes’ test.  This includes, your parents, siblings, friends, boss, coworkers, doctors, lawyers, etc.
  • Don’t let fear keep you from doing what feels really good.  

Try This if You Still Feel Stuck

I saw this exercise on a Mel Robbins show.  Take a coin and decide one choice for ‘heads’ and one choice for ‘tails’.  Then flip the coin.  But wait!

Before you look at the coin, you had a quick feeling of which way you wanted the coin to land.  That was your intuition!

Sometimes, when we feel stuck, it means “No for now”.  That doesn’t mean that somewhere down the road, you can’t change your mind or find new insight.  Often, you need more information before you make a decision.  You need a conversation with someone that has tried it before, or has more knowledge on the subject.  Sometimes a new opportunity will arise that you hadn’t even thought about.  The timing could be off a little.

A Stressful Time I Listened to My Intuition

A few years ago, I had a situation with my ex-husband that involved attorneys, and me deciding if I should fight for my rights or let it go.  Everyone had an opinion of how it should go, my ex, my dad, my kids, and my husband.  No matter what choice I made, someone would be unhappy.  

I decided to use my skill of listening to my intuition.  I went into meditation and asked for a ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  I asked for what would make me feel comfortable and happy with my decision.  I followed the answer I got, and I felt good about it.  Not everyone else was happy, but I could defend my decision with confidence.  

A few days later, I had to go to my ex’s attorney’s office to sign the final paperwork.  When I pulled up to the building, I realized it was the last building my mom worked in before she retired.  I would pick her up there to go to lunch together.  

My mom passed several years ago, and when I pulled up to that building she had worked in, I felt her with me, letting me know that I made the right decision.  Everything was going to be okay.  


The Good News

If for some reason, you don’t listen to your intuition when you should have, or you listen to your intuition, and it goes wrong, new opportunities will come up for you to course-correct.  Everything always works out in your best interest when you are open to listening to your intuition.  You will learn things along the way that are important.

Let me know in the comments about a time you listened to your intuition, and it worked out for you.





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