How Water Can Be Healing To An Empath


Water is soothing to empaths

Many of the world’s most exclusive properties are waterfront properties.  Most people are drawn to the beauty and calming sounds of water, but for empaths, it goes even deeper. 
Empaths are more sensitive to the calming energy water brings.  They are soothed by the sounds of the water lapping at the shore, by the way the water washes over their skin and the expanse of the smooth glass-like surfaces.  
One of my favorite things to do is sit on the shore of a lake or ocean, and stare out over the water, listening to the gentle waves. 
I remember one particular vacation where we rented a house on the lake.  It was right near the marina, but just off to the side enough that I could sit out on the deck in the early mornings and watch the boats drift off onto the lake.  I loved staring out over the glassy surface with the gentle lapping of the water on the shore.  It was so peaceful.  I felt like I could sit there forever.

If you can’t get to a place with water outdoors, try these ways to enjoy the healing energy of water

  1. Take a bath- this is probably obvious to empaths. We love our baths! But, you can elevate your bath with Epsom salts, coconut oil and essential oils. Just put 1 cup of Epsom salts, 1/4 cup of coconut oil, and 20 drops of essential oils of your choice. I like to blend lavender, geranium and frankincense. These are all great for your skin and calming for bedtime.
  2. Swim in a natural body of water- rivers, lakes, streams, or the ocean can be so soothing. If you can’t swim in a natural body of water, try a swimming pool.
  3. Drink more water- You know you are supposed to drink a lot of water, but maybe you’re like I used to be and only drink water once or twice a day. One way to calculate how much water you should drink, is to divide your body weight by 2 and then drink that many ounces of water. So, for example, a 150 pound person would drink about 75 ounces of water a day. Add a tiny pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt to your water, so your body can absorb it better. You can also try adding a drop of essential oil, like lemon, lime or grapefruit. (Make sure your essential oil is pure and has the supplement facts listed on the side. This means it is approved for internal consumption. I have a section for essential oils on my website here.)
  4. Use a diffuser or humidifier- These are both ways to add a little moisture to the air. Moisture in the air is helpful for sinuses, skin and hair. You can add a few drops of essential oil to add even more benefits. Lavender oil and cedarwood are calming, for example, and citrus oils like lime are uplifting.

People have used water for healing for centuries

The cleansing power of water has been used in spiritual ceremonies for centuries. Baptisms, christenings, ritual washings, immersion, and worshiping water deities have been practiced all over the world.

What is your favorite way to enjoy the healing powers of water?

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