I Did Something Really Stupid Last Week- And I Paid For It

Halloween Candy LargeI have a confession to make…I’m addicted to sugar.  Oh, I know it’s bad for my health and my skin.  I know it’s the reason I haven’t lost the last 10 pounds, but I just haven’t gotten control over it.  

Last summer, I cut sugar out for 21 days and I felt amazing.  My stomach felt so flat and light.  

Then I started having an Icee with my husband and daughter every now and then.  I started eating chocolate again and then I just started having way too much.  

The Halloween candy came out and I really love candy corn.  I bought a bag and ate a little more than I should for several days.  I started craving chocolate and I bought a bag of fun size Milky Ways.  Here’s where the really stupid part comes in.  

I knew in the past that Milky Ways contain gluten, but somehow I just forgot that part, and I didn’t check.  I ate one or two for a few days and I got really sick to my stomach.  I had several bathroom trips that really cleaned out my whole system, if you know what I mean.  Then came the tight bloating that made my stomach feel so sore.  This lasted for several days and when I say tight and sore, I mean it was really awful, so bad that I just wanted to go to bed.  

bloatedThis is a picture of what my stomach looks like when I get that bloated feeling.  I look like I could be 5 months pregnant.

At first, I didn’t put two and two together.  I had to really think about what caused my problem.  I knew sugar played a part, and then I realized about the Milky Ways.  I found a really good list of candy that will tell you which ones are gluten free and which ones are not.  There’s another good list here.  I should read it every now and then to refresh my memory.  Don’t do what I did!

This week, I’m cutting out sugar and dairy.  I’m being really careful of what I eat, because I really don’t want to feel that way again.  

Friends always ask me how I can cut gluten out of my diet.  I felt so miserable last week, that I promise you, once you figure out that gluten is your problem, you really don’t miss feeling like crap and it’s enough of a motivator to help you avoid, even my favorite, chocolate cake.  I can make a gluten free one, like this one, that is so close to the same flavor and texture at home.  

I encourage you, if you ever feel less than fantastic, if you have digestion problems, if you get headaches often, if you have joint pain, skin issues or any other kind of health concern, try an elimination diet for 21 days.  When you add that food back, whether it be gluten, dairy, soy, corn, or another food, you will know immediately if that food was causing a problem for you.

I’ll just throw in a little plug here, my 21 Day Cleanse will help you cut out some of the top food sensitivities and you can get free meal plans, recipes and me to hold your hand along the way.  

I would love to hear what things you have healed by eliminating foods, or what stupid things you may have done in the past to compromise your health, when you knew better.  We’re all in this together and when we share, we help so many others.


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