Learn More About Yourself By Exploring Your Future Dreams


Have you forgotten what you like?

Many women, especially empaths and highly sensitive women, forget what they like because they have spent so much time catering to others and making sure everyone else is happy.  
It’s common for an empath to feel uncomfortable when other people are angry or upset because they can feel that negative energy in their own body.  To ease the discomfort, they give in and people-please.  Pretty soon, they’ve lost the sense of what makes them happy and only know what makes the other people in their life happy.  They can feel very disconnected from themselves.

Start Daydreaming

A great way to start figuring out what you like and what you want for your future, is to spend some time daydreaming.  Go to a quiet spot, preferably outside in nature, because empaths connect deeply with nature.  Then ask yourself some questions like these:

  • If I could live anywhere I wanted, where would that be?
  • What would be my dream job?  
  • If I could do anything I wanted all day, what would I do?
  • What are the times I felt the happiest?
  • What makes me unhappy?
  • What do I no longer want to allow in my life?
  • Who are the people that I no longer want to spend time with?

Take time every day to review our goals

Spend time each day writing down what you like and want for the future.  Write your goals as if they have already happened.  “I am thankful for my new house on 10 or more acres of land.” or “I am grateful to live on the beach year round.”
By reviewing your goals daily, you will keep the things you like at the top of your mind and will be less likely to spend as much time on the things you don’t want for your life.
Bored with that dinner club or Bunco group?  Maybe a book club is more your style.  Would you prefer to take cooking classes?  Would a travel group be more exciting to you?
Write it all down in a special dream journal.

The next time someone asks your opinion, you'll know what to say

You know how a friend or family member asks where you want to eat, or where you want to go for vacation and the two of you can’t decide?
After spending some time getting to know yourself and your desires, you will have an answer!


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