Maybe You Don’t Have A Mental Disorder. Maybe You’re Just An Empath

     Have you ever wondered if your sadness may be something more?  Why do you feel so amazing at times, and other times you feel so down?  Maybe you don’t have a mental disorder that could be diagnosed in the DSM-5.  Maybe you are just an empath or a highly sensitive person.  (Not to make light of people with really serious mental disorders.  The difference between a real mental disorder and being highly empathic are that someone with a true mental disorder will have trouble functioning with everyday tasks.  They can’t get out of bed, shower or take care of themselves.  Please see a health professional if you are having difficulty going about life’s everyday tasks.)

     Empaths and highly sensitive people tend to be very sensitive to emotions, both their own and other people’s.  They feel deeply and enjoy the highest highs and also feel the lowest lows.  If someone else in the room is feeling sad or angry, you feel it, and you probably start to feel that way too, unless you have strong boundaries.  

     Empaths and hsp’s are usually highly creative, loving the arts, like music, painting, decorating, and graphic design.  They also love the beauty of nature.  Empaths and hsp’s are extremely sensitive to world events and are very compassionate people.   They love serving others.

     These are your gifts,  your super powers.  The world needs people like you to shine your light and bring your positivity.


     So what do you do to help these feelings of being overwhelmed by the sadness and anxious feelings?  

  1.  Learn to flow with life’s ups and downs.  Enjoy your bursts of creativity and do all the things that bring you joy.  When you start to feel tired and like you just want to do nothing, do nothing.  Rest.  Sit on the couch and watch TV.  Snuggle under a blanket with a book and don’t beat yourself up about not being productive.

  2. Protect your energy from toxic people that bring you down.  Don’t watch the news and upsetting social media posts.  Just check in every now and then.

  3. Make time for the things you love.  If you love crafting, make something.  If you love music, play music.  If you love gardening, garden.  Don’t get caught up in the regular routines of life and forget to make time for what you really want to do.

     Take care of your energy by following the steps above.  Learn more about your empathic qualities.  The more you understand yourself, the better you will feel about yourself and life in general.


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