I Love a Good Personality Quiz!

Here’s a few for you to try.

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Personal Insight is Fascinating!

I’ve always loved to take personality quizzes.  I guess it’s the fact that someone can tell so much about you by answering a few questions.  But, I’m totally into psychology and how our minds work.  I think there must be a lot of us out there, judging from the amount of people taking quizzes on Facebook and Buzzfeed.  However, I’m not talking about the kind of quizzes that can tell you which of the 7 Dwarfs you are most like, or what your name would be if you were a garden fairy.  Those are fun and all, but I want to know what really makes me tick, like what jobs I would be good at, how I like to be in a relationship, and what things I should avoid.  

A Few of My Recent Favorite Quizzes

Maria Menounous shared a podcast recently with Jenna Zoe, the creater of a Human Design quiz.  Human Design is Astrology, mixed with Kabbalah, Myer’s Briggs, the chakra system, biochemistry, genetics and I’Ching.  It was created by Alan Krakower in 1992.  All you have to do is input your birthdate, time of birth and city/state of birth.  

I took the Human Design quiz on Zoe’s site, and was blown away by the information about my personality.  I wanted to go deeper, so I downloaded the app.  With the app, you can get daily tips too.  You can add the information for everyone in your circle to the app to learn more about the people you spend all your time with.  

One interesting thing I learned was that my youngest daughter has what they call ‘Closed Taste’ for her digestion.  It says that she knows what she likes to eat just by looking at it.  She knows if it will be good for her body, without having to taste the actual food.  I, on the other hand, have ‘Open Taste’, meaning I have to try many different foods to see which ones work for my body.  The funny thing about that, is she is very adamant about the foods she won’t eat.  I get frustrated with her for not trying things.  I always say, “How will you know if you don’t like it if you never try it?”.  Turns out, she was right all along, and I was in the wrong for trying to get her to do things the way I would!

This next quiz I’ve been enjoying is for the Enneagram.  You may have heard of this one.  It gained lots of popularity a few years ago.  I first took this quiz in 2018, but forgot about it, until recently when I saw an Enneagram expert, Tracy O’Malley, speak in a mastermind group.  She shared how Enneagram can help you with your business, by getting to know yourself, as well as how your different clients interact. Tracy acts out how different Enneagram types would react in certain situations on her Instagram account.  Although, she said that about 60% of people are mistyped by online Enneagram quizzes, I found mine to be pretty accurate.  

You can find a lot of information about both the Human Design and Enneagram personality types, from online posts, to podcasts, and books.  

Two More Quizzes To Try

I coach a lot of empaths in my practice.  That word has become a buzzword, and many victims of childhood trauma can resonate with the characteristics.  There is a bit of controversy over whether you are born with these traits, or if they are an effect of hypervigilance created by dysfunctional upbringings.  I believe the answer lies somewhere in the middle.  If you are not sure whether you are an empath or not, you can take the quiz on Dr. Judith Orloff’s website.    

You might resonate with being an empath if you tend to absorb the emotions of others, are sensitive to noise, sound, and strong odors.  Empaths tend to be in the helping professions, but take the quiz to see if you may be an empath.

I also have a quiz on my own website, to figure out if being highly sensitive is causing your chronic health symptoms.  If you have frequent migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, thyroid disease, fibromyalgia, joint pain, or any other symptom that has lasted months, or years, this quiz is for you.  Most of my clients have some sort of chronic condition.  

Take the Information You Learn With a Grain of Salt

Take what you need from the quizzes you try, and leave the rest.  The information you learn, is just that, information.  You can use this information to your benefit.  Perhaps this information can tell you how you learn best, or relate to others.  It can help you feel less alone, and less like a freak.  

I remember when I first learned about empaths.  It was a huge a-ha for me.  I was so confused by the people in my life that didn’t react to things the way I did.  How could someone look me in the eyes, as I sat hysterical, and not even show emotion?  (Yes, these were toxic people.)  I learned the kind of people I want to have in my life, that love my empathic qualities.  I learned that I was unique, in that I can empathize with others as they go through difficult times in life.  I’m a good listener without getting easily flapped.  I now know to ground myself, and find ways to clear my energy after being with people that are upset, because I can easily absorb those emotions.  I’ve become a better wife, mother, friend, and coach.

Enjoy taking quizzes, but speak with a coach or therapist if you have questions or concerns.  You can gain a lot of insight about yourself and others, however, don’t start diagnosing all of your family and friends.  That won’t go over too well!  Is there a quiz you’ve found particularly helpful?  Let me know in the comments.


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