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You Can Only Change Yourself

My Signature 4 Week Program designed specifically for empaths and highly sensitive women with chronic symptoms

This is my 4 week online self-study program designed to help empaths and highly sensitive women reclaim their health by getting to the root cause of your trauma, creating healthy boundaries and practicing self-care, so you can find the peace and joy you’ve been searching for.

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It is so difficult to make the decision to end a relationship, or decide if it is worth saving. Maybe you have kids to think about, finances to worry over, and other logistics. Not only that, but you love this person.I won’t make this big decision for you, but I can help you get clarity, and give you steps to help you move forward either way you choose.  My Should I Leave session is one 90 – minute session with me personally, to discuss your unique situation.



My 12 Week Group Coaching Program Using My ABC’s of Change Method
This program is a 12 week deep dive into your past trauma, your empath sensitivities and how they contribute to your health symptoms.  You will learn how to spot toxic people, how to put yourself first, without being selfish and how to prioritize your health.  Emotional peace and joy are yours!
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Signature One-On-One Coaching Program

Using my 12 week signature ABC’s of Change method, I help empaths and highly sensitive women learn healthy boundaries and self-love so they can reduce chronic health symptoms and find the joy they’ve been searching for. We have weekly private coaching calls plus text or email support between calls.  
You can check out my ALIGN method here and book a connection call  to find out if this program is right for you.  
 My One-On-One Coaching Is For You If
-You have health symptoms that you want to treat naturally
-You seem to feel things deeper than others, and they call you “too sensitive”
-Friends and family just don’t “get” you
-You want to deepen your intuition and learn to trust yourself
-You don’t want a complicated program to follow
-You want lasting changes
-You want to feel better about your future
-You want to support your loved ones, but you feel drained
-You just want to feel happy again 

My Coaching Is Not For You If
-You aren’t motivated to change
-You just want someone to complain to
-You want to blame everyone else
-You’re not ready to invest in your future

What You Get With One-On-One Coaching

⭐ Learn to set healthy boundaries, so you can enjoy your friends and family without feeling taken advantage of or experiencing a trauma response.  

⭐ Learn ways to practice self-care, so you make sure your needs are met, and you don’t feel overwhelmed by stress.

⭐ Feel through and express your emotions in healthy ways, so that you don’t experience chronic health symptoms from stuffing emotions.  

What you get:

-12 one-on-one 45 minute call sessions
 ($2,400 value)
-Journal Prompts and exercises ($25 value)
-Essential oil E-Books ($100 value)
-Essential oil education and personal recommendations ($100 value)
-Email support or Facebook Messenger support between sessions ($200 value)
Total Value $2825.00
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Pay in full option $2,000 – 12 Weeks


Payment Plan- Pay half now. $1,050. (Other half due at 6 week mark.)