Is Being a Highly Sensitive Person Affecting Your Health?

Is Being a Highly Sensitive Person Affecting Your Health?

Do you often feel tired or bloated after a meal?

Do you have any food sensitivities?

Do you experience frequent headaches or migraines?

Have you experienced stomach distress, such as IBS, ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease?

Have you ever experienced unusual symptoms that doctors haven't been able to diagnose?

Have you had skin problems, like rashes, eczema or acne?

Do you work in a service oriented field such as law enforcement, healthcare, education, etc.?

Are you highly creative? (art, music, crafts, technology)

Do you have days where you feel exhausted even though you've had 7-9 hours of sleep?

Do you frequently experience thoughts of worry or anxious feelings?

Do bright lights, loud sounds or scratchy fabrics bother you?

Do you get overwhelmed in large crowds?

Do you empathize deeply with the emotions of others? (cry when they cry, feel happy when they feel happy, etc.)

Do you have a social circle that doesn't support your growth or has habits that are not in alignment with your beliefs?

Have you ever experienced an addiction to something? (drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, etc.)

Do you often feel "run-over" or dis-respected by coworkers or family members?

Do you pick up on the negative emotions of others and then your own mood changes?

Have you been through a divorce or a toxic relationship?

Do you tend to attract energy vampires or toxic people into your life?

Do big life events seem to affect you more than others you know?


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