Should I Leave?

It is so difficult to make the decision to end a relationship, or decide if it is worth saving. 

Maybe you have kids to think about, finances to worry over, and other logistics.

Not only that, but you love this person.

I won’t make this big decision for you, but I can help you get clarity, and give you steps to help you move forward either way you choose.  My Should I Leave session is one 90 – minute session with me personally, to discuss your unique situation.

During this session, I will:

💗 Support you as you share your unique relationship story 

💗 Give you clarifying questions to help you make the difficult decision of staying or going

💗 Give you journaling exercises to aid you in your decision 

💗 Give you some next steps you can take whether you stay or go

You will receive a written copy of the journaling exercises and the next steps.