Sometimes, Even Though It’s Not The Best Choice, You Just Gotta

You Know… 

When you’re craving cookie dough, or warm, moist cookies.  

And you don’t want to figure out what the best gluten-free flour mixture is for the best tasting cookies.

But, you don’t want to eat gluten because you know how bad it makes your stomach feel…

Try these, King Arthur, gluten free chocolate chip cookies.  I think they’re pretty good and my family will even eat them.  They hit the spot when you have that craving that just won’t go away.  We can’t always deprive ourselves.  

If you have the time, I would recommend finding a really good recipe that you can make from scratch.  You will have much more control over the ingredients you put in your body.  But on those days when you just don’t have the time, and you just want a chocolate chip cookie today, right now, these will be just what you’re looking for. (As always, read the ingredient list if you are extremely sensitive to something or are avoiding more than just gluten.)



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