The Top 3 Things Empaths Need to Know About Money

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Empaths and Money 

Many empaths have difficulty with beliefs about money and how to make it or keep it.  If you are an empath, you are very aware of the emotions of others.  You can feel whether they are tense, sad, happy, or indifferent.  This might make you a great sales person, if it weren’t for the fact that you could also be a people-pleaser, wanting everyone to be happy.  That means you might also have poor boundaries, so when someone tries to get a better deal, they can wear you down.  Some empaths have strong boundaries, and being taken advantage of may not be an issue, however, they wouldn’t enjoy the pressure of a quota, or a fast-paced market.  

Empaths are usually drawn to the helping professions, like teachers, police officers, social workers, etc.    Or, they’re attracted to professions in the arts, like artists, musicians, and dancers.  These professions typically don’t bring home very big salaries.  I was an elementary teacher for years.  For most of that time, I had a partner to help pay the bills.  We struggled during the 2008 crash when I was the only one bringing in a salary.  I don’t know how single teachers survive.  

Empath Money Mindset

Empaths with poor boundaries may over give, helping family members or friends, that could be helping themselves.  They may also struggle with money if they have had overpowering relationships, such as a controlling parent or spouse who keeps money under a tight reign.  Empaths may have come to believe that they “are not good with money” due to these controlling relationships.  Not only that, but society has taught women that men are better with money, for many years.

Entrepreneurial empaths sometimes believe that to be a “good person”, they must give freely to others, or charge a very low price for services, in case the other person “can’t afford” a higher price.

Here are 3 ways to help you get unstuck from negative money beliefs:

  1. Work in a career that highlights your gifts (or re-imagine the career you have now) – If you love helping people, or have hobbies in the creative arts, you won’t be happy working in a cubicle on the computer all day.  You probably would be much happier in a more creative profession, or one that uses your artistic talents.  You can also reinvent a career that is not bringing a salary that sustains the lifestyle you desire, or the freedom you would like.  As a teacher, for example, instead of working in a public school, you could start an online tutoring business, or work with students with ADHD to create healthier habits.  A nurse could become a health coach, creating groups online, instead of working in a hospital, where her gifts might not be appreciated.   
  2. Know your worth – You have a genuine gift in some area.  Everyone does.  You have a skill set that only you can provide, at least in the way you do it.  I heard a woman say, “Someone out there is on their knees praying for the one thing that only you can give them.”  I always think about that when I’m feeling stuck.  What is that one thing that you can provide?
  3. Be in control of your finances – If your partner is in control of the bill paying, and investing, get involved.  Set up weekly or monthly meetings to see where your money is going.  If you are the one in charge, set a budget.  Read books on money management and investing.  Find a mentor or financial advisor in your area.  By understanding how money works and knowing your financial worth, you will feel and be more in control of your life and life choices.  

Not Knowing Your Worth Can Go Really Wrong

You may, or may not, be surprised that I am a fan of several of The Real Housewives shows.  My husband can’t understand why I watch some of that trashy stuff.  I’m not exactly sure why, either.  Maybe it’s comforting to see their humanity, even though they have tons of money.  

If you watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you might have seen the saga play out with Erika Girardi and her high-powered attorney ex-husband, Tom Girardi.  Erika filed for divorce and claims not to know anything about the millions of dollars in debt they were incurring, or the money Tom was pilfering from his law firm.  Maybe she didn’t know.  I could totally see how a woman, married to a high-powered, controlling man, would know nothing of his financial arrangements.  In fact, many of the other housewives spoke up and said they didn’t know about the money their family had.  Erika was dismissed from the case against Tom, recently.

When Erika was forced to earn her own money, after the divorce, she turned to some seedy income streams.  One was modeling for some raunchy lingerie on her Instagram.  The other housewives confronted her about it, and she said she had to make money somehow.  If she knew her worth, she would know that many other companies would love to work with her.  There are so many other options Erika could have turned to.  

Empaths can develop better money beliefs by spending some time contemplating the three points above, to live a happier, healthier life.

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