What Is An Elimination Diet? And Should I Try It?

     Elimination DietAn elimination diet is a diet where you eliminate foods that cause the most common sensitivities for most people. Those include gluten, corn, dairy, soy, artificial sweeteners, sugar, and eggs.  Some people also need to eliminate nuts, beans, nightshades and there are a few others that can cause sensitivities.  

If you’re not sure what nightshades are, they include white potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes and peppers.  All spices made from peppers are also included.  Many plants in the nightshade family are toxic to humans, therefore some worry that all nightshades are harmful.  And in fact, many people are sensitive to nightshades and feel much better after removing them from their diet.  


You may be thinking, “No way would I go on an elimination diet!  There’s nothing to eat!”.  The reason people go on elimination diets is because they are not feeling their optimum self.  Perhaps they put on weight, or they have digestive issues, or maybe heart problems, diabetes, high cholesterol.  Anything that is compromising your health is a reason to go on an elimination diet.  

I started with the Virgin Diet by JJ Virgin.  She has you eliminate the top 7 foods that cause sensitivities for 21 days.  Then you add those foods back in 1 at a time.  You should know within a few days if that food is causing a problem for you.

For me, I had already taken out gluten, so I knew I felt much better after that, but I wanted to test the other foods since I have thyroid disease.  I felt amazing for the three weeks that I eliminated all of those foods.  My stomach felt so flat and light.  As I added some of the other foods back to my diet, I noticed that I did not feel so great with dairy.  Eggs and corn didn’t seem to bother me.  I did not add artificial sweeteners or soy back into my diet.  Those foods are highly processed and genetically modified and I don’t believe they’re good for anyone.


Later, I realized I don’t do well with cabbage or beans.  I can’t digest them.  That also includes peanuts and peas.  I used to love peanut butter, but now I eat almond butter.  

After eliminating these foods for a while, it is possible that you can heal your gut and try to add them back in at a later time.  I won’t ever add gluten back to my diet because it just isn’t a healthy food for people with autoimmune diseases.  Your body has to work to hard to digest it because it has been modified so much from wheat of many years ago.  It is sprayed with pesticides as well.  

I do eat dairy occasionally.  I try to eliminate it as much as possible, but I will have cheese on the rare occasion.  I do use butter when I cook sometimes, but I try to make sure it is from grass fed cows and that it’s organic.

Try an elimination diet for 21 days and see how you feel.  You may find that you feel so great, you don’t miss those foods!  As far as what to cut out, you have to be a bit of a detective.  I felt really great without wheat and dairy, but I noticed some digestive symptoms when I ate beans.  Therefore, I knew to stop eating those.  If I have some in a soup or salad, those symptoms come back and it’s just too uncomfortable for me.  

So be your own detective.  Life is too short to not feel your very best!

And as always, if you need support, I have a program with a done for you meal plan and lots of recipes.  I can guide you on what to eliminate and when to add it back.  

Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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