This Happened When I Started Being More Grateful for Good Health

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I Took My Health for Granted for Many Years

I took my health for granted for many years, until I had a huge wake-up call. 

Several years ago, when I first began my healing journey, my mom had just passed away from cancer, which was caused by immunosuppressant drugs.  She had a rare autoimmune disease that caused swelling and inflammation all over her body.  

I instinctively knew that there was a root cause to her illness.  I felt like there was a different answer than drugs that just masked symptoms.  However, she had been to all the best doctors she could find.  All of their solutions were treatments that turned down the immune response.  Not once, did a doctor tell her to change her diet, reduce stress, or cut out inflammatory ingredients in skincare, detergent, or cleaners.  Cancer was a side effect to those strong steroids.  

I did not want to travel that same path.  I already had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and IBS.  In my mind, it was just a matter of time before I became ill like my mom had.  But, I have four kids that I want to see grow up and have families of their own.  I want to be a big part of my grandchildren’s lives someday.  I have goals and dreams to still fulfill.

So, I began educating myself on health and wellness.  I got certified in Transformational Nutrition.  As part of the course, I learned how important mindset and thoughts are to our health.  I continued my education after that course, learning from greats, such as Joe Dispenza, Michael Singer, Dr. John Sarno, Nichole Sachs, and many others.  

I Learned To Feel Grateful for the Health I Had

Instead of thinking, “Poor me, I am going to get sick and die like my mom did.”, I began thinking, “I’m grateful that I am healthy now.”, and “I’m grateful that I am learning how to take better care of myself every day.”

As I started paying more attention to healthy living, and gratitude for that health, I noticed these things began to shift:

  • I began having less symptoms, in fact my IBS almost completely disappeared.
  • I started taking better and better care of myself, drinking more water, cutting out junk food, exercising, and practicing a morning routine.
  • Instead of taking a medication for symptoms, I looked for solutions to the root cause.  (For example, when I had plantar fasciitis, I didn’t let the doctor give me a steroid shot, opting instead for shoe insoles and alignment exercises.)
  • I used natural solutions for every ailment I could, like using essential oils for reducing small infections, or pain relief.  I tried herbal remedies, exercises, and other natural options.
  • I stopped taking my health for granted.  I noticed even the small things, like, I can walk my dog  without feeling pain, or I can pick up a heavy box without help.

The Pandemic Hit

I was very thankful when the pandemic of 2020 hit, that I had been watching my health.  I knew that a healthy diet, getting out in the sunshine daily, exercising, and reducing stress were keeping me strong.  I felt fairly confidant that if I were to get an illness, I would be able to come through it without dire consequences. 

I realize health is a fragile thing, and anything could happen.  That’s why I will continue to have gratitude for the health I do have.

There Have Been Setbacks  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect.  In fact, right now, you probably would look at me and think, “Hmm, she doesn’t look that healthy to me.”.  I’m not one of those people with the thin, toned bodies, with no wrinkles in site.  I’ve had setbacks.  I know now, that any time I get overly stressed, my health suffers the consequences.  I put on weight, have joint pain, or have digestive issues.  The past few months has been one of those times of stress and turmoil.  

I slipped up with taking care of myself.  However, when setbacks happen, I know what to do.  I turn to my tools of self-care, reducing stress and practicing gratitude.  


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